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Classroom Virtual Desktop

Classroom Virtual Desktop, powered by the AWS cloud is specially designed to meet the needs of your students and to support the learning environment. With integration into many of the popular learning management systems (LMS), students gain access to a persistent Windows 7 or Windows 10 environment in the cloud to access specialized software, curriculum or other resources. These "laptops in the cloud" can follow a student through their course, program, or lifetime at the university.

Open Access Labs

Open Access Labs is a modern approach to traditional physical computer labs. Leveraging your SSO/SAML 2.0 environment for authorization, students are able to log in from any modern web browser to a pool of machines, leverage software to complete work, leverage campus resources like printing or file shares, and after logout the machine returns to the pool and is available for the next student to use. This non-persistent environment is perfect to allow students on the go access to the latest software.


Sandbox is designed to deliver an on-demand and secure network of machines to support hands-on student learning, Ideal for simulations and technical programs like cybersecurity, operating systems, programming, big data, and engineer, students often need access to complex computing environments. Sandbox allows students to do just that, providing access to multiple operating systems and configurations in a defined and secure environment.

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Virtual Applications

Virtual Applications can deliver a wide variety of applications from the most simple applications to complex GPU, CPU, or memory intensive applications such as those used in 3D design and engineering.

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