Persistent and On-Demand Virtual Desktops

Classroom Virtual Desktop, powered by the AWS cloud is specially designed to meet the needs of your students and to support the learning environment. With integration into many of the popular learning management systems (LMS), students gain access to a persistent Windows 7 or Windows 10 environment in the cloud to access specialized software, curriculum or other resources. These "laptops in the cloud" can follow a student through their course, program, or lifetime at the university.

  • Persistent virtual desktop that can follow a student throughout the lifetime of a course, program, or time at the school 

  • Entirely web-based, nothing for the student to install

  • Accessible from macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, and Zero/Thin clients.

  • Available in Windows 7 or Windows 10.

  • Leverage your existing campus licensing if available

  • Software delivery based on end-user characteristics (major, course, class section, etc)

  • Introduce complex hands-on learning through a secure Sandbox 2.0 and Sandbox Builder

  • Support for IP/Cloud printing

  • Access to campus resources (ie: license server, file shares, etc) as necessary

  • Fully managed/supported environment