Secure, Scalable, Hands-on learning 

Sandbox 2.0 with its updated user interface is designed to deliver an on-demand and secure network of machines to support hands-on student learning, Ideal for simulations and technical programs like cybersecurity, operating systems, programming, big data, and engineer, students often need access to complex computing environments. Sandbox 2.0 allows students to do just that, providing access to multiple operating systems and configurations in a defined and secure environment.

  • Access course labs developed by instructors to allow students hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Students can Provision, Restart, and Reset their own environments.
  • Deploy complex networks, operating system configurations, and software.
  • Provides an isolated and secure environment to support the specialized needs of programs like Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Operating Systems, Programming and others.
  • Support for Windows and Linux virtual machines
  • Fully managed/supported environment