Build and deploy learning labs for students

Extending the capabilities of the eLumin Sandbox, Sandbox Builder allows professors, teaching assistants, and technical staff to build secure, dynamic, and hands-on learning environments that span operating systems and system configurations. 

  • Provision access for students to Classroom Virtual Desktop and Sandbox environments.
  • Select from a pre-defined service catalog of operating systems including:
    • Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
    • Kali Linux
  • Role based access to support Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Site Administrators.
  • Approval workflow to ensure cost and integrity of the student experience.
  • Create secure environments to mirror real-world scenario learning.
  • Deploy labs to a single class or multiple classes with the click of a button.
  • Develop a catalog of labs for use across classes and campus.
  • Effectively manage costs with built-in management and thresholds.
  • Fully managed/supported environment.