Is providing students, faculty and staff access to the computing resources they need to learn or do their jobs a priority for your campus? Are you interested in migrating from expensive legacy on-premises VDI to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions that are accessible at all times, on all devices, from all locations?



The introduction of AWS tools like WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0 make it easier for you to deliver the applications your users need. At eLumin we're experts at designing and implementing scalable WorkSpace and AppStream 2.0 environments. Whether you are looking to implement WorkSpaces for your entire staff, some of your students, or need to deploy a few resource intensive applications in AppStream 2.0, eLumin's End User Computing - Campus Jump Start will get you there.

Each Jump Start engagement includes a dedicated project manager for your project to serve as your primary point of contact throughout the project. The Jump Start is designed to be completed in four weeks or less and is divided into four phases: Requirements, Implementation, Testing and Production. 

  • Requirements - During this phase, your dedicated project manager will identify key project participants and gather the key requirements for your implementation. There will be several conversations with eLumin engineers to discuss your scaling requirements, the integration of existing systems (VPN, directory, SSO, etc) and application deployment. 
  • Implementation - Once requirements have been finalized, eLumin engineers will get to work building your environment, integrating it into key systems, building core images, and packaging applications. 
  • Testing - Completed in two parts, eLumin will first complete internal testing and quality assurance of the environment. Once internal testing is complete, formal user acceptance testing will begin and UAT sessions will be held with key stakeholders and feedback included in the production release.
  • Production - Once user acceptance testing has been completed, a production go live date will be scheduled and project documentation will be completed.